Lily's Page

Forest Lake Veterinary Hospital met a new friends in 2005 when Lily was brought to us at 12 weeks old with a broken pelvis. We provided her with the care she needed, and she provided us with profound companionship until she retired to Rita’s house (one of our Customer Service Representatives) in 2015. After a long life of comfort and love, we said goodbye to our old friend Lily, when she crossed the rainbow bridge on July 20th, 2021.

In memory of Lily we are dedicating her page to helping new friends find their forever homes, and to remember old friends that have left their paw prints on our hearts as they have crossed the rainbow bridge.

The furry friends listed below are adoptable through rescues that Forest Lake Veterinary Hospital partners with. If interested in growing your family by some furry paws please contact the rescue which is listed in each new friend's bio below.

New Friends


Photo of Dolly

Hello, my name is Dolly and I am 8 years old. I am learning to be crate trained and super food motivated! I love walks and I am very good on the leash but my favorite thing is to cuddle and be with my humans. I am not a fan of dog friends but I am fine with cat friends.

Learn more about me at the Minnesota Boxer Rescue website.


Photo of Owen

Meet Owen! This sweet boy is looking for a special home. He loves to play in the backyard, play with his purple ball and kiss his humans. He also loves Kongs stuffed with kibble and peanut butter, Nylabones, his stuffy Taco toy and napping on soft dog beds. Owen is a good snuggle buddy, but is still a young dog therefore is pretty busy and has lots of things to do. Owen likes to help with the laundry by dragging items out of the basket to play "keep away" with. Owen likes to meet friendly strangers and new people. Sometimes he is a little coy or shy at first, but once he knows you want to pet him and snuggle him, he warms up pretty quickly. He loves to explore new parks with foster mom. We are also working on sitting still for brushing and nail trims, but he is a young guy and intelligent. He learns quickly. He lives with a 11 lb resident dog and a 7 year old boy and enjoys the company of both.

When we rescued Owen he had limited mobility in his back legs and was incontinent. He has been going to physical therapy and has made great strides and while he can use his back legs and can zoom around quite fast, even if it's not quite "normal"! Owen is still incontinent. We do not know how much more he will improve but Owen is a very silly and intelligent boy who has SO MUCH love and so many laughs to create with you. He's our special needs boy that is looking for a special adopter to love and provide him with whatever he may need.

Owen is estimated to be almost two years old and weighs 24 lbs. Since we don't know the dog's actual genetics, this is just a guess on breed and size when grown.

For more information, go to the Safe Hands Rescue website.

Old Friends

December 27, 2010 - June 4, 2023

Photo of Sassy

If you would have told me losing her would be so hard, I still would have loved her a thousand times over again!

The best dog - At my best or my worst she had unwavering love for me, for us!

12.5 years will never be long enough, but she's running pain free on the other side of the rainbow bridge and for that my heart is content.


Photo of Jesse

Jesse crossed the rainbow bridge in September of 2023, peacefully in the arms of her family. Jesse was the loving companion of Gabby (CVT) and her family for 13 years.

Jesse was a morkie and was adopted in June of 2010 at 8 weeks old. She was adopted as a family dog, but over the years as Gabby grew up, Jesse and her shared an inseparable bond. Jesse's favorite toys were squeaky toys, and she loved wearing her sweaters when the weather was cold. She enjoyed joining her family for trips and errands, though she never enjoyed the car rides to get there. As she got older her favorite spot to lay was on the back of the couch where she could keep a look out for deer eating her mom's flowers. However, in the mornings you could always find her laying in the sun somewhere. She loved fuzzy blankets and snuggling, and slept with Gabby many nights.

More than anything, Jesse was always there to comfort, to cheer up and love on, and to be a source of joy and laughter to those close to her. Jesse passed away after a short battle with cancer after a very healthy life. She is remembered as “a very good dog” by her family, even her dad who was never a fan of little dogs. Though she was little, she claimed a big spot in her family's hearts and she will never be forgotten.


Photo of Anna

Anna was team member Jackie's first kitty that she adopted on her own. She had joined a cat sanctuary in MA when she had little social interaction and no furry friends. After a few months, Jackie met this old lady and she told her she'd be coming home with her. Together they enjoyed many naps and spent all their time together. When Jackie needed someone, she was there, looking at her and providing a loving purr.

4/10/19 - 9/11/22

Photo of Jitters

Jitters was a strong indoor/outdoor cat full of unique personality. He was always vocalizing for attention with crazy meows despite how loved and spoiled he was. Jitters was named because he always seemed like he just drank a pot of coffee and was bouncing off the walls, he didn't need catnip to be full of energy. His favorite activities were climbing structures he shouldn't have, and hunting for critters in the fields.

Jitters unfortunately passed at only 3 years old due to a blood clot from a genetic heart condition. He is forever resting in the field he hunted and chasing gophers in the sky.

His family misses the chaos, annoyance, and smiles he used to bring to everyday life.

We are using this page as a memorial space for furry friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge. If you would like to have your pets memorial posted, please email it to [email protected] along with a photo.