Dear Forest Lake Vet. Staff,

D and I wanted to thank you for everything you all did to help us with Tigger. You truly made us feel as if Tigger was one of yours as well. Though these decisions are never easy you eased the sadness. You all are wonderful, professional, caring people.

Thank you so much for everything, N and D

We are truly blessed to have “stumbled” upon this Vet. Hosp. 7 years ago. It takes very special people to do what you all do every day. You all out-shine the rest – thank you.

J, K, Foster and Katie

Thank you for doing what you do. We know its from the heart. We could not make it through this without you.

M and D

We were deeply touched by your compassion for Daisy and us. Thank you for caring for our pets over the years. They received quality care and attention.

Blessings, L and K

Thank you all for helping us through our loss. Not only do you give excellent care to our animals, but you truly care about the animal’s owners too! You are forever in our hearts.

D and F

Printed in the Pioneer Press Sainted or Tainted column:

I would like to submit the wonderful staff of Forest lake Veterinary Hospital for the kindness and compassion they have shown to my family and me. My beloved kitty, Libby, passed away after a long battle with kidney disease. This was without a doubt the hardest time in my life; she was my best friend and my most cherished companion.

A year ago, I was certain that she was at the point of death. The doctor first assured me that her diagnosis did not need to be a death sentence. Then with their help, Libby not only came back from a severe “crash”, she lived a normal happy life for 13 months. She was very happy and had a great quality of life. The people at FLVH treated Libby as though she were their own pet, and always made her a high priority.

With their knowledge and help, Libby lived a good life, despite her illness, and when the en came, they saw to it that she died with dignity and grace. I will be forever grateful to my friends at FLVH. They made the hardest time in my life a lot easier and no words will ever fully express my gratitude.

N. H.